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Corn Cob/Glass Blasting

I know what you're thinking. The word "Blasting" and        "Your Home" in the same sentence, definitely sounds a little destructive. Well have no fear, blasting your log home is actually one of the best ways to restore your log home. Blasting is a unique way of removing existing coatings, dirt and mold from the exterior surface of your home. In the log home industry, this is considered the best and most effective way to prepare a log home for refinishing. In our opinion, blasting is far superior to pressure washing on restoration projects for many reasons.


Blasting can remove old stain that pressure washing cannot. It also does not felt the wood nor does it push water into the home leaving water marks under the finish. After corn blasting the wood becomes more porous and increases absorption and penetration. More product will be used and less time between maintenance coats can be expected.


Both are non toxic and environmentally friendly. There are advantages to each one depending on the job. Theres always a little bit of dust that enters the house but we use techniques that limit this as much as possible.


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